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Genna Gurvich is a conceptual, multi-disciplinary artist born in Kiev, Ukraine and now based in Baltimore.  

He is a graduate of the Kiev Institute of Applied Arts and Design (Ukraine) and has a Master’s degree of Complex Design from the St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Industry (Russia).

Since his arrival to the United States in 1997, he has been exhibited and been commissioned for various projects throughout the country.

This website focuses on work produced over the last decade.  Welcome and all inquiries are encouraged.





2016        Levels of Abstraction, Broadway Gallery, Alexandria, VA

2011         Abstraction and Realism, Ratner Museum, Bethesda, MD

2010        Personal Space, Positron Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2009       Existence, International Gallery, Sewickley, PA

2009       Artomatic Artists, Studio Gallery, Washington, DC

2008       Ben Franklin Show, 321 Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2008       Group Show, Artemis Gallery, Richmond, VA

2008       Artomatic, Washington, DC

2008       Russian Spirit, Art Barn, Gaithersburg, MD

2007       Group Show, 13 Sevigne Gallery, Paris, France

2005       Beer Supper, Galerie Francoise et Ses Feres, Baltimore, MD      

2004       Group Show, Galerie Francoise et ses freres, Baltimore, MD

2003       Group Show, John Elder Gallery, New York, NY

2003       Pyatz/Five, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

2002       Left East, Gone Painting, Brown Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2001        ARTificial Dreams, Bertaux, Gallery, Baltimore, MD  

2000       I Came to be an Artist, Fonda Gallery, Baltimore, MD

1997        The Art of Surviving, Brama Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

1996        Faces of the Desert, Brama Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

1995        From Model to Mandala, Brama Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

1994        25th Still, Brama Gallery Minsk, Belarus

1994       Talking with Chagall, Brama Gallery, Minsk, Belarus 

1993       From Mark Chagall to the Present, State Palace of Art, Minsk, Belarus




2007       Winner of “Prix de la Photographie Paris” competition 

2006       Honorable Mention of International Photography Awards

2006       Finalist of the London Photographic Awards competition

2005       Finalist of the International Library of Photography Contest